Please inform the school of any absence as soon as possible by word of mouth, telephone or letter. Should we NOT be informed of the reason for a pupil’s non-attendance the absence may be marked as unauthorised. The registers are closed ten minutes after the start of each school session.

Please always let us know if your child is away for any reason. An absence will be recorded as unauthorised if:

  • No explanation has been received from a parent/carer or the school is unsatisfied with the explanation
  • A pupil is absent for unexceptional reasons e.g. a birthday
  • A pupil is absent from school on holiday.

County guidelines regarding pupil absence state that absences may be authorised at a school’s discretion for

  • Exceptional special occasions, ceremonies, extra-curricular exams etc
  • Bereavement and family crises.


As several children travel to school independently we will always phone to clarify absences if parents do not contact us. This is to ensure pupils safety. We are not ‘checking up’!

To view our Attendance Policy please click here.

Full NCC attendance guidelines are available from the office


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