The Head Teacher

Mrs Ann Beardall is the partnership head teacher of Harpley and Great Massingham C. of E. Primary Schools. Her aim is to foster a ‘love of learning’ throughout the schools, and to enable every pupil to use their primary school years as the chance to build secure foundations for their secondary learning, and onwards.

Mrs Beardall has been at Harpley School for twelve years, during which time the school has thrived and grown with the addition of a large new extension to give the junior class the space they need. The 2011 Ofsted report described her leadership style as ‘energetic’ and the school vigorously works at extending the children’s abilities, both academically and through a dedicated programme of sports, music and extra-curricular activities.

‘This is a lovely school with a family atmosphere’, is how Mrs Beardall characterises Harpley Primary School. ‘I consider myself very lucky to be here with such a supportive staff, parents and governing body.’

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